Download Application

Mail completed applications to:

High Country Artisans, Inc.
PO BOX 422
Blairsville, GA 30582

Festival Information

Date: Saturday & Sunday, July 18 & 19, 2020

Time: 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday & 10 AM to 4 PM Sunday

Set Up: Friday, July 17th, 9 AM until 8 PM and Saturday, July 18th, 7 AM to 8:30 AM
You must check in prior to set up. Although every effort is made to accommodate your space request, space numbers are not guaranteed. A map with booth locations will be available at check in next to the gazebo.

Although the festival does not officially open until 10;00 AM, keep in mind that this is a public park and people will begin arriving early.  It is to your advantage to be opened and ready for business as early as 8:30 AM both days.

Space: Approximately 10 ft. by 10 ft. A limited number of double spaces and spaces with electricity are available.

Fee: $125.00 for a single space.           $250.00 for a double space. $25.00 Jury Fee with Application.

Jurying Fee of $25.00 to be enclosed with application.

If accepted, you will have two (2) weeks to mail your booth fee.

Application Requirements

  1. Fully completed and signed application with categories specified, a maximum of two categories per booth.

  2. Five good quality photos (no CDs), preferably 4" X 6", printed on photo paper: One of your booth display, three of your art/craft work & one of you working on your art/craft. All types of items that you plan to sell must be clearly shown. Please print your name on the back of each photo. Photos will not be returned. The festival committee will use your photos in publicity via social media. Please send in your best quality photographs. Watermarks are permitted.

  3. Once you receive notification of your acceptance, your booth fee check is due in two weeks and should be made payable to High Country Artisans, Inc.

  4. All notifications will be sent via email. Pleases ensure the email address provided is current correct and legible. Please notify us if unable to receive email notifications.

  5. All applications for the 2020 season must be received by March 1, 2020 with no postage due.

 Application will be rejected if all requirements are not met.

JURYING: Done by the Festival Committee and is based on the category you specify.

ACCEPTANCE LETERS:  Will be emailed by April 1, 2020.

CANCELLATION REFUND DATE: No refunds will be given after May 15, 2020. Refunds prior to May 15th will be less a $35.00 administrative fee.

Exhibitor Rules

  1. Only arts and fine crafts made/created personally in the USA by the primary artist/craftsman will be allowed. Work must be original and produced by the exhibiting artist/craftsman. No commercial or buy/sell.

  2. This is a juried show where ALL exhibitors are juried every year. Jury scores will not be released and ALL DECISIONS BY THE JURY ARE FINAL. Only items in your accepted category may be displayed or offered for sale. High Country Artisans, Inc. reserves the right to remove any inappropriate or non-juried items.

  3. Please be considerate of others during unloading and loading. Unload and move your vehicle as soon as you are finished unloading to the designated EXHIBITOR PARKING AREA with the PARKING PERMIT displayed in the window, then return to your site to set up. Vehicles must be parked by 8:30AM Saturday and Sunday. NO VEHICLES OR TRAILERS ARE ALLOWED ON GRASS OR WALKWAYS AT ANY TIME. All set up equipment, canopy, and your inventory must be carried/wheeled from the parking lot to your assigned booth space. Any exhibitor who does not abide by these rules will not be invited to return.

  4. All set up materials must be provided by the exhibitor. Due to Insurance Regulations, no guy wires will be allowed. This is an outdoor festival; the ground may not always be level or flat. The Festival will be held rain or shine. No cancellation. Each exhibitor will be responsible for his/her own protective covering & securing his/her canopy in case of inclement weather or high winds. Forty pound weights on each corner are recommended.

  5. Take down times will be strictly adhered to. The official closing time is 4PM Sunday. All exhibitors will completely knock-down and pack up all display, merchandise and tents before bringing their vehicle to the loading area. Again, no vehicles or trailers are allowed on the grass or walkways at any time. All exhibitors must clean up their space before leaving.

  6. Booths must be manned by the registered primary artist/craftsman. All tables must be completely draped to the ground. Each booth must be kept clean. No discounting of products is allowed and no solicitation or high-pressured sales. All sales activity is confined to the marked booth area. No display of previous show awards. No audio advertising or music permitted. No exhibitor or display may extend beyond the front or side booth marks.

  7. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK per Meeks Park rules. Please follow all posted Park Rules. No bikes, balls, bats, fishing poles, skateboards, etc. are allowed in festival area. No boom boxes, stereos, noisemakers. Demonstrations of musical instruments and art & craft demonstrations that make noise are allowed only upon PRIOR approval by the Show Chairman. This includes use of generators.

  8. There will be a security guard on duty within the festival area Friday & Saturday nights. However, as per the signed application form, The High Country Artisans, Inc., Union County, and the Union County Recreation Department shall in no way be held responsible for any injury, damages, or theft.

  9. Each exhibitor is responsible to pay their own Georgia State Sales Tax on their sales. Georgia Sales Tax in Union County is 7%.

  10. The High Country Artisans reserve the right to ask any exhibitor to leave the show for any reason that the organization deems appropriate or for failure to abide by any rules. A signed application constitutes a contract, requiring exhibitors to follow all rules and regulations and is a commitment to participate if accepted.