High Country Artisans Celebrate Christmas

The High Country Artisans recently held a Christmas Party at United Community Bank in Blairsville, Georgia. Eighteen HCA members enjoyed delicious food, fun games, beautiful decorations, and good fellowship.

During the party, guests exchanged handmade Christmas ornaments. Everything from hand carved Santas and stained glass to painted snowflakes and beaded icicles were carefully unwrapped. There were also presents - everyone was watching out for Dirty Santa - he (or she) might just decide to take his pick! It was a night to remember for all that attended.

The High Country Artisans are known for putting on one of the best festivals in the Southeast. The annual Butternut Creek Arts and Crafts festival delights visitors with juried displays and live demonstrations - all along the shady banks of Butternut Creek in Meeks Park, Blairsville, Georgia.

The High Country Artisans would like to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!