Butternut Creek Festival 2010 best yet

The 12th annual Butternut Creek Festival was the best yet. A great location, friendly vendors, hardworking volunteers, and beautiful artwork make Butternut one of the best festivals in the southeast.

Union County 's Butternut Creek Festival is well known throughout the region as a great destination. Quality craftsmanship is always the focus of Butternut Creek Festival but the shady park is an added bonus. Top artists and craftsmen display their wares in Meeks Park along side Butternut Creek.

Not only has the Butternut Creek Festival been named a "Top 20 Event" by the Southeast Tourism Society for two years in a row, it is also well known as great place to do a show. Vendors say the people are friendly, security is excellent, the food is delicious, the music sets a perfect mood, and Blairsville is a great little town to visit. This is from seasoned vendors (and these folks do a lot of traveling).

The organizers of the event, High Country Artisans, Inc., do a great job of choosing a varied selection of art and craft vendors (only 65 are selected each year). Show Chairman Mike Smith says, "As popularity of the festival grows, so does the number of applicants. We could let hundreds into the show, but we don't." Mike went on to explain that too many vendors make it harder for the artists and craftsmen to make a profit. Limiting the number of accepted applicants insures that each exhibitor has a good chance of doing well during the two day event.

The Butternut Creek Festival is a true team effort. The High Country Artisans work hard throughout the year to make sure the two day event is a success. Everything from public relations to booth logistics and booking entertainment is accomplished entirely by the dedicated volunteers.

The High Country Artisans, Inc. would like to extend a special thanks to Commissioner Lamar Paris and the Union County Recreation Department. Without them the Butternut Creek Festival would not be possible.

Thanks also to the artists, craftsmen, sponsors, entertainers, food vendors, and visitors for helping make the entire event a fun, safe, and entertaining weekend. High Country Artisans, Inc is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.